Approaching the ETS Endgame in Europe

The Emission Trading System (ETS) serves as the primary policy instrument driving the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the European Union. Established in 2005 as a cap-and-trade mechanism, ETS mandates that regulated installations surrender emission allowances corresponding to their greenhouse gas emissions. These allowances are distributed annually under a diminishing cap, which was decreasing […]

Get to know our Energy & Industrials Team

We are 24 colleagues dealing with everything related to energy and climate issues. Being Brussels-based, our focus is obviously public affairs, government relations, strategic communications. We also work very closely with our talented colleagues in economic consulting, corporate finance, business transformation, to support our clients with whatever challenge or opportunity there is. And Brussels doesn’t […]

Leading change in turbulent times: does your leadership team have what it takes?

Many business leaders are currently steering their organisations through the stormy seas of 2023: from economic uncertainty and political instability to seismic shifts in everything from technology to regulation. Whether it is implementing a strategic shift, updating and incorporating more technology or a pivot aimed at efficiency gains and cost reductions, change is a necessity […]

Mind the Cybersecurity Gap: why people (not technology) make an organisation secure

This is a time of increasingly sophisticated malware, ransomware, and social engineering attacks, many of which have led to high-profile data leaks and steep ransom demands. It seems as if almost every day we hear of another company that has become victim of a cyber-attack. And while today, cybersecurity and preparedness rank high on every […]

Surfing on the Ocean of Crypto Regulation

The digital asset industry has expanded across the world, revolutionizing global finance options for millions. While the boundaries have expanded, the regulatory landscape remains fragmented. As well as evaluating economic incentives, companies now look at the regulatory and political sentiments when deciding on new business development opportunities. THREE REGULATORY POWERS If we talk regulation, the […]

The CEO as Barometer of Culture

Red flags of toxic leadership and the dynamics that keep it thriving The success of a company often hinges not just on what it does, but on the culture that guides it. In turn, the culture is shaped in large part by those at the company’s helm. Research shows that the CEO is the most […]

International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity

In honour of #InternationalWomensDay, our colleagues #EmbraceEquity! Let’s watch this series of ’60 Seconds in my shoes’ by our team where our female colleagues share stories that happened to them with their male colleagues. What will they answer be? What would you have done if you were in her situation? #IWD2023 More information about this […]

We have moved to Avenue des Arts 56!

Did you know that FTI Consulting Brussels has moved offices recently? Watch our head of office Hans Hack and our colleagues Sevara Irgacheva & Jeremy Van Gorp answer 56 questions about Art while showing us the new office space; modern, more environmentally-friendly and better organised to meet the new hybrid working habits. If you haven’t […]

Consumer protection in the digital age – Focus #4: Virtual Currencies

On 1 December 2022, FTI Consulting EU, and I-Com (the Institute for Competitiveness) will host the roundtable “Protecting EU consumers in the digital age” to discuss the Commission’s “Digital fairness – fitness check on EU consumer law” initiative.   The fitness check will evaluate three fundamental pieces of EU consumer policy legislation: the Unfair Commercial Practices […]

The IEA World Energy Outlook 2022 – A Brief Analysis and Implications

The International Energy Agency (IEA) releases each year in October/November its World Energy Outlook (WEO). The IEA WEO 2022[1] provides analysis of global energy and of the implications for energy security, environmental protection, and economic development. The WEO uses a scenario-based approach to highlight the key choices, consequences and issues lying ahead, and to show […]

Consumer protection in the digital age – Focus #3: Influencer Marketing

On 1 December 2022, FTI Consulting EU, and I-Com (the Institute for Competitiveness) will host the roundtable “Protecting EU consumers in the digital age” to discuss the Commission’s “Digital fairness – fitness check on EU consumer law” initiative.   The fitness check will evaluate three fundamental pieces of EU consumer policy legislation: the Unfair Commercial Practices […]

Consumer protection in the digital age – Focus #2: AI & Chatbots

On 1 December 2022, FTI Consulting, and I-Com (the Institute for Competitiveness) will host the roundtable “Protecting EU consumers in the digital age” to discuss the Commission’s “Digital fairness – fitness check on EU consumer law” initiative.   The fitness check will evaluate three fundamental pieces of EU consumer policy legislation: the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive […]

German healthcare reform: what’s the impact on Europe’s pharmaceutical industry?

Germany, one of the most attractive EU markets for pharmaceuticals and often the first-to-launch market for innovative therapies in Europe is adopting cost-containment measures that will negatively impact the industry and all relevant stakeholders. Germany has a healthcare model where the majority of the German population (approximately 90% or 70 million citizens) are insured via […]

Consumer protection in the digital age – Focus #1: Dark Patterns

On 1 December 2022, FTI Consulting Brussels and The Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) will host the roundtable “Protecting EU consumers in the digital age” to discuss the Commission’s “Digital fairness – fitness check on EU Consumer Law” initiative. The fitness check will evaluate three fundamental pieces of EU consumer policy legislation: the Unfair Commercial Practices […]

Sweden’s shift to the right: what are the implications for the upcoming Presidency of the Council of the EU?

In mid-October, the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) confirmed Ulf Kristersson (Moderate Party) as Sweden’s new Prime Minister. His election marked a shift to the right in Swedish national politics, ending 8 years of ruling by the centre-left Social Democrats. Kristersson heads a three-party centre-right minority government, composed of the Moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals, […]

Get to know our Corporate Reputation Team

Today, we help organisations manage all aspects of reputation from building a reputation all the way to managing crises and mitigating risk.What are we doing tomorrow? We’re looking forward to the role that organisations and companies will take in the future world. Being in Brussels, we’re at the intersection of policy, of public and private […]

The certification of carbon removals

There is a consensus that developed economies should be net-zero in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, leaving one or two more decades for less developed economies to achieve the same goal. There are significant nuances in the net-zero pledges of these countries, with some targeting the reduction of emissions, others allowing the compensation of emissions […]

Working Out Burnout

An employee’s guide to understanding and preventing burnout. As summer comes to a close and we head back to work after two-and-a-half years of pandemic living, an off-kilter work-life balance and scarce vacations, a topic that deserves our attention is: burnout. You too may have noticed friends or family members struggling more than usual at […]

Cracking the Burnout Code

A leader’s guide to managing people away from burnout. As summer comes to a close and we head back to work after two-and-a-half years of pandemic living, an off-kilter work-life balance and scarce vacations, a topic that deserves our attention is: burnout. You too may have noticed friends or family members struggling more than usual […]

VDL Commission Mid-Term Performance

As von der Leyen has passed the half-way mark of her term as Commission President, FTI Consulting provides a brief sectoral overview of what’s been done so far, and what we can expect the Commission to finalize before the European Parliament elections in May 2024. We look at what was planned, in the political priorities, […]

Steaking a claim on meat and dairy brands

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then the world’s livestock industries should be immensely proud that the fledging plant-based meat makers are attempting to liken their products to animal-based protein. Instead, it’s steak knives at dawn as livestock industries campaign to prevent what they claim are deliberate attempts to deceive consumers into eating […]

What War in Ukraine means for Global Trade – UK, US and EU Perspectives

FTI Consulting’s International Trade experts from the UK, US and EU share their analysis of the implications of the conflict for international trade relationships and the business community. Whilst it is of no surprise that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine currently dominates global news cycles, no recent conflict has ever impacted the global financial and business […]

The Electricity Market Design in a Period of High Energy Prices

Europe is experiencing very high energy prices, due to the global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the conflict in Ukraine. These high energy prices have widespread consequences for a variety of markets, including the gas and electricity markets. Throughout Europe, both of these markets are experiencing record high prices and instability, […]

The Decade of Disputes & the impact of litigation funding

As the “decade of disputes” continues, research by FTI Consulting has found that third-party litigation funding will support the rise of high-profile claims. 2020 marked the beginning of a decade of corporate disputes, according to FTI Consulting’s survey of over 2,000 business leaders. Now, with the global litigation funding investment market expected to reach $13 Billion […]

Fit-for-55, en route to Fit-for-100

Under the pressure of climate change and the urgency to act, the European Union has recently adopted the European Climate Law which enshrines into binding legislation the objective of climate neutrality by 2050 as well as an intermediate target of a 55% cut in emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. Having increased the EU’s […]

Biden’s European Honeymoon?

Is the love back in transatlantic relations? In choosing Europe for his first overseas trip as the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden strikes a stark contrast to his predecessor, who kicked off his foreign travels with a visit to Saudi Arabia. The key question: Did President Biden manage to demonstrate America’s determination […]

More than just a traffic-light – A complex future for food labelling

Whether it’s the alphabet, a traffic light or even a battery, European consumers will have come across one of a myriad of food scoring systems across the EU in past years. As the European Commission moves to harmonize systems across the EU the conversation has become even more complex. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a […]

Sustainable Aviation: Are the US and EU an Ocean Apart?

Leaders in Washington D.C., Brussels, and national capitals across Europe, are seeking to tie the economic recovery of air travel in a post-COVID world to more sustainable air travel and a greener, more resilient growth strategy. In Europe, the European Green Deal, introduced by the European Commission, has set a new standard for environmental and […]

What business leaders can learn from F-16 pilots

Michelle Curran caught my attention straight away. ‘Mace’, as she is affectionately known, flies as lead solo F-16 pilot for the U.S. Air Force’s prestigious Air Demonstration Squadron. What’s so special about Mace? Well, the fact that she pulls 9Gs in her F-16 jet when most ordinary people, as you’ll see in the video that […]

Energy Transition | European Battery Manufacturing: Charging Ahead

Europe is responsible for around 3% of the world’s lithium-ion battery production, and was a net importer in 2020. However, FTI Consulting estimates Europe is poised to increase its output tenfold over the next five years, and will have a surplus by 2023. We share perspectives on how this potential overcapacity, and other risks, could […]

Take it away! Net-zero targets and the role of carbon removal

The recently adopted target to achieve a 55% Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction by 2030 is the most ambitious goal of the European Union so far when it comes to combatting climate change, and, combined with the 2050 carbon neutrality target, will require significant action and effort across all sectors of the European economy. Yet these […]

ONLINE LIABILITY across the world

The appetite to develop new regulatory approaches to tackle online threats is growing around the world. In view of the borderless nature of the Internet and the emergence of new forms of risks and challenges in the online ecosystem, FTI Consulting experts from offices in Brussels, Washington D.C., Berlin, Paris, London and Tokyo have worked […]

Building back healthier – a discussion on the future of Europe’s health systems

On 13 November, FTI Consulting Brussels, in collaboration with EU40, the network of young MEPs, organised a webinar on “How to create fit for future health systems in Europe?”. This discussion with policy-makers and healthcare stakeholders looked at how the EU is preparing for future cross-border threats with the goal of attaining resilient and sustainable […]

Sustainable textiles in times of COVID – laying bare the need for change

On 15th October, FTI Consulting organised a webinar on sustainable textiles to address the need for change in a sector that has been hard hit by COVID. The webinar featured representatives from the EU institutions, including MEP Lara Wolters (S&D, Legal Affairs Committee) and Madelaine Tuininga, Head of Unit Multilateral Trade and Sustainable Development Policy […]

New Chemical Strategy to set the European Agenda – now is the time to get involved

Tomorrow the European Commission will publish a Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS). While this document from October 14 is non-legally binding, it will lead to a host of new legislative proposals which will reverberate across European industry in the coming months. With the ambitious overall aim of achieving a ’toxic-free environment’, it will seek to […]

Doubling Down on Digital: EU Sets Course for Digital Finance and Payments

The European Commission has proposed a comprehensive new digital finance and retail payments strategy. This is a blueprint for the future of digital finance in the EU, and an unprecedented expansion of financial services regulation over technology. FTI Consulting Brussels explains how it could affect Europe’s global role in digital finance. Please download the full […]

Trade’s Turbulent Summer– Key Changes to EU’s Trade Team

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen has appointed Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrowskis as Commissioner-designate for Trade – one of the most powerful portfolios within the institution. FTI Consulting’s trade team – led by Senior Advisor John Clancy – argues that this shows Europe strengthening its trade mandate – especially in the eyes […]

The EU Prepares to Get Tough Over Corporate Governance

The session of the European Parliament’s Justice Committee earlier this week left no doubt: The EU is working towards a fundamental change in corporate culture in a number of different ways.  Two initiatives were on the agenda, generating a lively debate from the MEPs who were present. Their respective impacts could have a significant impact […]

Digital Taxes – The Inevitable or Unattainable?

Over the last several years digital taxes have been the star of tax policy debates. With the upcoming economic challenges arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world are looking for new sources of income to make up for their slimming budgets. The EU is no exception. The digital economy, and reshaping the […]

2020 and Beyond: The Changing Dynamics of Public Affairs in EMEA

Prior to the pandemic, political environments were already becoming increasingly charged. The crisis has pushed public affairs further into the boardroom and to the heart of businesses. The dynamics of the profession are changing too as it strives to reach broadening stakeholder networks. The following are some insights from our public affairs leadership across EMEA […]

Now is the Time for Companies to Strengthen their Approach to ESG and Sustainability

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria have become a focal point for companies, especially as COVID-19 highlights the importance of overlooked social factors. Fortunately, there are steps organizations can take to enhance ESG and sustainability performance while demonstrating how they put their values to work. Learn more from Mark McCall, our global segment leader in […]

Introducing ESG Compass

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted a shift in the way that ESG and Sustainability is understood and put into practice by companies. If environmental, social and governance concerns were in the past often interpreted as three separate, marginal issues, they are now clearly both more inter-connected and central to business performance. FTI Consulting’s2020 Resilience Barometer™ […]

Human Rights Due Diligence and Sustainable Supply Chains

The European Union is expected to shortly roll out new legal obligations which could include civil liability for human rights abuses and environmental harm in supply chains. This has important implications for European businesses working in a globalised economy across almost every industry; from fashion brands sourcing from textile factories in South Asia, major technology […]

Climate Emergency: Europe is Prepared to Fight for Change, But is it Ready to Adapt?

While the world confronts the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, the climate emergency hasn’t gone away. Its consequences remain a firm fixture in global media headlines, from killer heat waves and floods to melting permafrost, often resulting in loss of life and property as well as disruptions to economic activity. Europe is at the forefront […]

Time to Rethink the ‘S’ in ESG

Good PR starts with good behaviour – putting the ‘S’ into ESG.  Social responsibility meets stakeholder expectations. Our colleagues in Dublin look at five key areas: workforce, customers, community, data security, human rights Please download the full article to read further..

How Businesses Can Help the G20 Step Up its Game

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, critics have accused the G20 of being missing in action. Established in 1999 at finance minister and central governor level, the G20’s original objective was to foster high-level discussion on financial stability among 19 developed and developing countries and the European Union. Together, the members of this exclusive club generate […]

Is Europe Ready to Harness the Power of Apps in the Fight Against COVID-19?

Both the general and specialist media have been awash with coverage of the use of contact tracing apps to fight COVID-19. In this snapshot we set out the key questions around whether apps should be among the tools used to bring Europe out of lockdown. We provide an overview of the current EU position on […]

A Test of Resilience: COVID-19 and the Business of Europe’s Green Deal

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic is clearly enormous in health, social and economic terms. It has also had an immediate environmental impact which may play out over the longer term, with a number of political repercussions. How resilient is the European Union’s Green Deal proving to be? What are the implications for business, […]

Advocating in a Time of Crisis

A new European Commission and Parliament is a difficult enough challenge at the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic and it could seem daunting. Advocating to protect your policy interests may not seem an urgent priority at a time of crisis, but it still matters. As the political and business communities continue to […]

A Modern Malthusian Check: Managing Unpredictable Uncertainties

Disease and pestilence remain a threat to the modern age. In a globalised media landscape, levels of fear can escalate to unpredictable levels in such a short period that they are more likely to have a disproportionate impact on every business model. The CoronaVirus outbreak is a case in point. However, companies remain largely unprepared […]

Non-Financial Reporting Under Review

The review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive is due by the end of 2020. The new rules will be an integral part of the sustainable finance initiative which is critical to enable the ambitions of the European Green Deal. We expect that more companies will fall under the scope and that the reporting requirements will […]

Brexit and the European Parliament- What To Expect

With the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU), 73 British MEPs have now departed the European Parliament. Some of these seats are being redistributed, while others will remain unfilled. How could this affect the equilibrium between the political groups in the European Parliament? How could policymaking in priority areas for the […]

Connected Cars: Data Processors in Motion

With vast amounts of (often sensitive) information constantly processed by increasingly more advanced models, connected cars and data handling are firmly on the radar of EU legislators. While GDPR already provides the foundation for the sharing of personal data, new provisions related to connected cars are likely to provide additional guidance for this rapidly-evolving sector. […]

A Global, Sovereign and Green Europe

In a transformative year for the European Union (EU), the vote in favour of the new College of Commissioners marks the end of the ‘Great Transition’ in EU politics, putting the von der Leyen European Commission on track to take office on 1 December. On 27 November, Members of the European Parliament (EP) approved the […]

Digital Services Act: Europe Seeks to Determine Global Platform Rules

2020 will be a year of hitherto unprecedented upheaval for tech companies and web platforms, and time to have a say on what content regulation will look like is running out fast. In the second half of 2020, the European Commission will overhaul rules governing Internet service providers including search, cloud services and social media […]

E-Scooters: European Regulators Try to Address Insurance Uncertainty

Close up image of a man on an electric scooter.

Electric scooters have quickly become an urban mobility phenomenon on Europe’s streets. As a recent convert (as long as the weather in Belgium allows), I can see the real benefits: getting started easily by unlocking a scooter with a smartphone, they are not expensive, and they are available in more than 100 cities. Their popularity […]

The Boeing-Airbus Dispute– European Business in the Firing Line

The Boeing-Airbus dispute is one of the longest sagas in international trade. Dating back to 2004, it is only now reaching its conclusion after years of claims and counterclaims. In the first of the cases (US v EU), the US Government has been recently authorized by the WTO to slap $7.5bn worth of tariffs on […]

Tax Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

Where 2019 is the year of change, 2020 will be the year of impact. The new European Commission mandate and European Parliament mean that new legislation will be on the horizon. Tax policy has become a highly political and important point on the European agenda. Tax is used as an instrument to make the industry […]

Financial Services Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

No business as usual as the EU sets out to make financial services legislation green, digital and global The financial services sector is at the heart of some of the key themes the European Union will be focusing its attention on in the upcoming five years; sustainability, digitalisation and its relationships with third countries – […]

Europe’s Circular Economy: A green light for the next chapter?

The European Union’s focus on the Circular Economy is stepping up a gear, matching the political rhetoric and the continued electoral success of the continent’s Green parties. At the same time, the regulatory and legislative focus is also set to expand to encircle new sectors and new areas of the economy. This will present a […]

Healthcare Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

Incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, a former doctor, has made legislation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a ‘European plan to fight cancer’ two of her immediate political priorities, signalling a renewed focus on the healthcare industry in the coming term. Against a backdrop of constrained healthcare budgets, with countries increasingly working together […]

Energy, Transport and Industrials Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

Energy, transport and industrials covers a very broad range of debates that are all interconnected, some more, some to a lesser extent. The next five years will see the implementation of some of the flagship policies from the last Commission – think plastics and car standards – as well as new big projects: open data […]

Digital Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

The last five years were all about the EU acknowledging global digital transformation with its flagship Digital Single Market initiative. Standards were set or reviewed for data, platforms, copyright, telecoms, broadcasting and much more. If 2019 is the year of change due to EU elections, 2020 will be the year of impact. The new European […]

The US Hedge on AI Regulation

Hearing global calls for regulation, the U.S. has instead pushed full speed ahead in advocating artificial intelligence innovation. While Ursula von der Leyen, the incoming European Commission president, has promised legislation for a “coordinated European approach on the human and ethical implications of artificial intelligence”, the U.S. continues to put market-focused growth and development over-regulation. […]

The Rise of the Dark Horse: Ursula von der Leyen

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen emerged last week as the surprise choice of EU leaders for the next European Commission President. Von der Leyen, who is deemed a life-long high achiever, is now facing an uphill battle to receive the support of the European Parliament. But who is von der Leyen? With many […]

Europe’s New Leaders?

Europe is a step closer to finalising the cast of leaders that will steer the European Union’s institutions through the next five-year period. Several of the names agreed this week by the European Council (consisting of EU government leaders) came as a surprise to many but is illustrative of the complexity of finding consensus within […]

Introducing Spitzenkandidat: Frans Timmermans

June 2019: A gifted communicator, experienced politician and Spitzenkandidat for the S&D group in the European Parliament, Frans Timmermans is the hope of the socialist and Democrats for the European Commission presidency. For the past five years, he has been the First Vice-President of the European Commission, tasked with some of the most complicated and […]

Introducing the non-Spitzenkandidat: Michel Barnier

You’ve heard of Brexit. You may have also heard of Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator. Perhaps less apparent is the possibility that he could replace Jean-Claude Juncker and become the next Commission President. Although he isn’t a formal candidate, he has spent the last three years touring European capitals and has become perhaps […]

Introducing Spitzenkandidat: Margrethe Vestager

Europe has now voted and Brussels will be getting on with the business of appointing a replacement for Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission. One of the most prominent and successful Commissioners in the Juncker term has been the plucky Dane in charge of Europe’s competition agenda. Having shown aptitude and resilience on […]

Outcome of EU Elections

Europe has voted. FTI Consulting Brussels previously provided an overview analysis of whether the outcome could be good, bad or ugly. What has been the outcome? Good provided for a post Brexit environment where Europe came together to move forward collectively. Bad provided for a fragmented Parliament where the decision-making process slowed. The ugly revolved […]

End of the Status Quo: Europe Enters A More Fragmented Future

2019 EU Parliamentary Elections Country by Country Analysis Within this report FTI Consulting Brussels provides an overview of the EU parliamentary elections held from 23rd May through to 26th May 2019, with a country by country analysis of all 28 Member States. All facts and figures are correct at time of publication with some results […]

Initial Overview of EU Parliamentary Election Results

What kind of results define this EU parliamentary election? Pro Europeans across the board will be happy at least that more voters turned out than the previous election in 2014, bucking a downward trend that has been in effect since 1979. However, voting in some Member States remains worryingly low. The two largest traditional parties […]

Top Five Things To Look Out For Ahead Of The EU Elections 2019

All hail the kingmakers ahead of the EU parliamentary elections which start this Thursday (23rd) and conclude on Sunday (26th): On the assumption that the two traditional centre right and left political groupings fail to secure an overall majority, all eyes are on the liberals. Either this election crushes them, or we witness a renaissance. […]

Artificial Intelligence: Success Dependent on More Creative and Innovative Collaboration

Governments and companies around the world are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence (AI), recognising its disruptive potential for businesses and the economy. Although this phenomenon is often considered an ‘arms race’ or a competition between nation-states to dominate the industry, this paradigm tends to overlook the value of collaboration. FTI Consulting’s AI Task Force looks […]

What’s Lost in Translation? Merkel and Macron’s Estrangement Ahead of the EU Elections

How frustrated are the French over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reluctance to back Emmanuel Macron’s progressive EU reforms? What will happen if France refuses to support the candidacy of the conservatives’ frontrunner Manfred Weber for EU Commission president? Listen to FTI experts Alexandre Houssard from Paris and Martin Kothé from Berlin explain the twists and turns […]

EU Elections – A View From Denmark

May 2019: Geelmuyden Kiese (GK) is part of FTI Consulting’s affiliate network and is Scandinavia’s largest communications agency. GK helps its customers manage change, communicate business plans, digital marketing, design, advertising, public affairs and public relations – telling their clients stories efficiently, both internally and externally. Below the team provides an update ahead of the […]

A View From The Netherlands

IvCB Public Affairs & Stakeholdermanagement is based in the Netherlands and is a Gold Affiliate partner within FTI Consulting’s international affiliate network. IvCB specialises in public affairs, stakeholder management, strategic communications and public strategy. They help their clients that contribute to society and have a good story to engage in constructive dialogues with politicians, society […]

A View From Italy

Cattaneo Zanetto & Co. is part of FTI Consulting’s affiliate network and is the leading Italian public affairs, lobbying and political intelligence firm. They provide a range of specialised services structured in dedicated practice areas. Each practice has a specific set of tools and methods to make sure we’re always on the edge with creativity […]

A View From Denmark

Geelmuyden Kiese (GK) is part of FTI Consulting’s affiliate network and is Scandinavia’s largest communications agency. GK helps its customers manage change, communicate business plans, digital marketing, design, advertising, public affairs and public relations – telling their clients stories efficiently, both internally and externally. Below the team provides an update ahead of the forthcoming national […]

A View From: Czechia

News from FTI Consulting’s European affiliate network May 2019: CEC Government Relations is part of FTI Consulting’s affiliate network and is the leading independent public affairs agency in Central Europe. They offer professional public affairs and strategic communications services to multinational clients across a full range of policy areas, including but not limited to Internal […]

ePrivacy: We Are Watching You…!

ePrivacy regulation could have a significant impact on the digital economy. Following on from last year’s GDPR, the EU has recently shifted its attention to new privacy rules for electronic communications. Any new laws will be EU wide, could set a new global standard and may involve the stricter regulation of cookies, Internet of Things […]

EU Elections – A View From Germany

2019 is set to become a year of profound change for Germany, with elections in four states plus the European elections in May. The result of these elections may well determine the fate of Chancellor Angela Merkel who is in her last term in office and has already given up the leadership of her Christian […]

European Elections 2019 Preparing Business For A Year Of Change

2019 is going to be a year of major change for Europe with a new Commission appointed in November, but the biggest game changer is likely to be the European Parliament elections in May. The replacement of a significant number of MEPs could see the very real possibility of nationalist and populist parties holding the […]

The Future of Europe: What Comes Next?

As Europe prepares to go to the polls from 23rd May, the European Council, representing the Heads of State and Government of each of the Members of the Europe Union, meets in Romania for one of its last meetings of the current mandate. Top of the agenda for discussion will be the key findings of […]

Spain General Election- Results

FTI Consulting concludes the results of the Spanish general elections. Spain’s ruling Social Democrats (PSOE) won the most votes but fell short of an absolute majority in Sunday’s snap general election. With the highest voter turnout in the last two decades, the contest was marked by the breakthrough of the alt-right Vox party and the […]

EU Elections – A View from France

The coming European elections will have a peculiar flavour in France as they will be the first electoral test since Emmanuel Macron’s election in May 2017. Within this context, political parties have launched their campaigns, revealed their strategies and unveiled their candidates this month. The team at FTI Consulting reviews the election landscape. Please download […]

Spain General Election

With just six days to go before the Spanish general election (April 28th), FTI Consulting releases the results of its latest poll carried out between the 6th and the 9th of April. The results shed light on the electoral behaviour and social concerns of Spaniards ahead of the election, considered by many as the most […]

Strasbourg Diary II

It’s a wrap: Notre Dame a fitting metaphor for Europe as Parliament heads towards elections. The European Parliament convened one last time in Strasbourg before the European elections to adopt the remainder of the 350 legislative proposals tabled by Juncker Commission over the last five years. FTI Consulting Brussels surveys the mood music on the […]

Paying your fair share: How reputation is driving Europe’s tax debate

Gone are the days when tax was seen as a rather dry and technical process. It’s now driving news headlines and not good ones. Leaks and scandals are increasingly tarnishing and threatening the reputation of many global brands, multinational businesses and even countries. Austerity has emboldened policy makers to take action. It’s a vote winner. […]

Discover our regional analysis for the EU2019 elections

Potential Scenarios The Good: Improvement Europeans move forward from Brexit with an increased positive sentiment toward the Union leading to a wider representation of pro-European parties in the European Parliament Anti-establishment parties fail to deliver on expectations. Stability in the European Parliament with traditional pro European political groups reenergized The Bad: Paralysis A more splintered […]

The 2019 EU Elections and Why You Should Care

As part of our FTI Brussels’ #yearofchange campaign, we launched a video explaining why the forthcoming parliamentary elections are so important. With voter attendance falling across Europe it is vitally important that we encourage people to get out and vote.

Introducing Spitzenkandidat: Manfred Weber

As Europe gears up for a new Commission President, could the European People’s Party candidate replace Jean-Claude Juncker in July? Read more from the team at FTI Consulting in Germany giving you insight to what is on the political agenda. Please download the full article to read further.

Rebooting Friendships After Brexit

What happens after the withdrawal negotiations? Louise Harvey at FTI Consulting Brussels looks at the challenges that the UK and EU face in rebuilding important relationships. Read more here.

Crypto Currency Laws On The Horizon

Blockchain technology and crypto currencies have been around for a decade. However, hype amongst users, its high volatility and speculation by a broader range of investors has attracted increasing regulatory attention. Efforts have not been uniform. In some countries, authorities have been introducing a swathe of new measures to try and impose a new rule […]

Brexit Update- The Second Meaningful Vote

Eight weeks since the UK Parliament rejected the UK Government’s negotiated Brexit deal by a historic margin, they have once again voted down the agreement – although with a significantly reduced majority. The Prime Minister responded by declaring that the Government will agree time to debate and vote on motions relating to no deal and […]

Brexit Update

The FTI Consulting team in London report on the UK Government’s intention to bring forward a second parliamentary vote (known as ‘MV2’ in Whitehall circles) on Tuesday 12 March, which asks the House of Commons to approve the latest Brexit deal. Whilst this has been confirmed by the Leader of the House, it is likely […]

The Race is on for Autonomous Vehicles

Automated vehicles will be one of the big issues the EU will be addressing further, once the new Commission takes office in November. For industry, the time to position itself is now. The shaping of both national and international legislation has started.  Getting involved sooner rather than later will give companies a head-start over their […]

The Good, the Bad and Sustainable Finance

In 2018 sustainable finance was one of the big buzzwords coming out of Brussels in terms of new European policy. The EU’s Sustainable Finance Package published last May was a global first, providing a major legislative initiative linking the sector to climate change, a consequence of the G20’s Financial Stability Board commitment to re-orientate capital […]

The FTI Resilience Barometer 2019

FTI’s inaugural Resilience Barometer report highlights how G20 companies are managing in an interconnected, technologically disrupted and increasingly regulated world. This report shines a light on the key challenges they face as we head into 2019. Download to read more

Anatomy of a Crisis 2: Why do Markets Overreact to Profit Warnings?

FTI Consulting’s ‘Anatomy of a Crisis’ series investigates the emerging trends in corporate crises, learning from the past to make predictions about the future. Our first research report, published in 2017, analysed 100 crises over the past 20 years to assess what patterns emerged. Download to read more

FTI Research on UK Attitudes Towards Brexit

On the back of PM Theresa May’s Brexit agreement, cabinet resignations and a flurry of media coverage on the topic, FTI Consulting conducted research to help clients understand UK public opinion and voter perspective. Download to read more

The State of the Union Speech – A Time for Action

On 12 September Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presented his last State of the Union speech to the European Parliament. Juncker made clear that a lot of work still lies ahead for the Commission and he presented a large number of initiatives which the Commission still has to tackle. In this snapshot we outline the main […]

Brexit in the Boardroom: The View From European Business

In our latest research FTI Consulting spoke to over 2,000 business leaders across four major EU economies to understand how their plans for Brexit have evolved, whether their expectations have changed and what concrete steps they have taken to prepare. The findings were fascinating. Download to read more