Approaching the ETS Endgame in Europe

The Emission Trading System (ETS) serves as the primary policy instrument driving the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions within the European Union. Established in 2005 as a cap-and-trade mechanism, ETS mandates that regulated installations surrender emission allowances corresponding to their greenhouse gas emissions. These allowances are distributed annually under a diminishing cap, which was decreasing […]

Get to know our Energy & Industrials Team

We are 24 colleagues dealing with everything related to energy and climate issues. Being Brussels-based, our focus is obviously public affairs, government relations, strategic communications. We also work very closely with our talented colleagues in economic consulting, corporate finance, business transformation, to support our clients with whatever challenge or opportunity there is. And Brussels doesn’t […]

Mind the Cybersecurity Gap: why people (not technology) make an organisation secure

This is a time of increasingly sophisticated malware, ransomware, and social engineering attacks, many of which have led to high-profile data leaks and steep ransom demands. It seems as if almost every day we hear of another company that has become victim of a cyber-attack. And while today, cybersecurity and preparedness rank high on every […]

Surfing on the Ocean of Crypto Regulation

The digital asset industry has expanded across the world, revolutionizing global finance options for millions. While the boundaries have expanded, the regulatory landscape remains fragmented. As well as evaluating economic incentives, companies now look at the regulatory and political sentiments when deciding on new business development opportunities. THREE REGULATORY POWERS If we talk regulation, the […]

International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity

In honour of #InternationalWomensDay, our colleagues #EmbraceEquity! Let’s watch this series of ’60 Seconds in my shoes’ by our team where our female colleagues share stories that happened to them with their male colleagues. What will they answer be? What would you have done if you were in her situation? #IWD2023 More information about this […]

We have moved to Avenue des Arts 56!

Did you know that FTI Consulting Brussels has moved offices recently? Watch our head of office Hans Hack and our colleagues Sevara Irgacheva & Jeremy Van Gorp answer 56 questions about Art while showing us the new office space; modern, more environmentally-friendly and better organised to meet the new hybrid working habits. If you haven’t […]

Get to know our Corporate Reputation Team

Today, we help organisations manage all aspects of reputation from building a reputation all the way to managing crises and mitigating risk.What are we doing tomorrow? We’re looking forward to the role that organisations and companies will take in the future world. Being in Brussels, we’re at the intersection of policy, of public and private […]

VDL Commission Mid-Term Performance

As von der Leyen has passed the half-way mark of her term as Commission President, FTI Consulting provides a brief sectoral overview of what’s been done so far, and what we can expect the Commission to finalize before the European Parliament elections in May 2024. We look at what was planned, in the political priorities, […]

The Electricity Market Design in a Period of High Energy Prices

Europe is experiencing very high energy prices, due to the global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the conflict in Ukraine. These high energy prices have widespread consequences for a variety of markets, including the gas and electricity markets. Throughout Europe, both of these markets are experiencing record high prices and instability, […]

The Decade of Disputes & the impact of litigation funding

As the “decade of disputes” continues, research by FTI Consulting has found that third-party litigation funding will support the rise of high-profile claims. 2020 marked the beginning of a decade of corporate disputes, according to FTI Consulting’s survey of over 2,000 business leaders. Now, with the global litigation funding investment market expected to reach $13 Billion […]

A Test of Resilience: COVID-19 and the Business of Europe’s Green Deal

The impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic is clearly enormous in health, social and economic terms. It has also had an immediate environmental impact which may play out over the longer term, with a number of political repercussions. How resilient is the European Union’s Green Deal proving to be? What are the implications for business, […]

Discover our regional analysis for the EU2019 elections

Potential Scenarios The Good: Improvement Europeans move forward from Brexit with an increased positive sentiment toward the Union leading to a wider representation of pro-European parties in the European Parliament Anti-establishment parties fail to deliver on expectations. Stability in the European Parliament with traditional pro European political groups reenergized The Bad: Paralysis A more splintered […]