Financial Services Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

No business as usual as the EU sets out to make financial services legislation green, digital and global

The financial services sector is at the heart of some of the key themes the European Union will be focusing its attention on in the upcoming five years; sustainability, digitalisation and its relationships with third countries – including the UK. In addition to this, there are also scheduled reviews for several significant legislative files and the continuation of the Capital Markets Union (CMU). Compared to the previous European Commission mandate, we can expect more legislative activity in the next years, fuelled by both broader policy priorities as well as reviews of a number of key existing policy files. This will impact the financial services sector as a whole as well as individual companies. In this context, it is key to stay informed and make sure your firm or industry is well equipped and well placed to engage and influence the policy process.

Prepare your calendars for the opportunities and challenges this 5-year mandate could throw your way, as we outline the top 5 issues likely to dominate the EU’s financial services agenda-

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