Get to know our Corporate Reputation Team

Today, we help organisations manage all aspects of reputation from building a reputation all the way to managing crises and mitigating risk.
What are we doing tomorrow? We’re looking forward to the role that organisations and companies will take in the future world. Being in Brussels, we’re at the intersection of policy, of public and private dialogue. Continuing to help our clients manage tricky issues, navigate complex crises and mapping a future net positive journey are all aspects that help us get out of bed in the morning.

Below, our experts share theirs insights about their area of expertise – watch the videos and learn more!

Introduction: Lauren Burge – Senior Managing Director & Head of Corporate Reputation, Brussels

Creative: Anja Ivic – Consultant – Brussels

Digital & Data Analytics: Harriet Barham – Senior Director, Brussels

Issue Management: Brian Carroll – Senior Director, Brussels

ESG: Alexandra Veidner – Senior Director, Brussels

Crisis Management: Florence Hugenholtz – Senior Director, Brussels

Campaigns: Wai Hoi Tsang – Senior Director, Brussels

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