Healthcare Ones to Watch: Trends on the EU Agenda

Incoming European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, a former doctor, has made legislation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a ‘European plan to fight cancer’ two of her immediate political priorities, signalling a renewed focus on the healthcare industry in the coming term. Against a backdrop of constrained healthcare budgets, with countries increasingly working together to find new ways to bring down costs, expect the EU to become increasingly active in health-related policies to help address some of the challenges facing European healthcare systems. The last Commission laid the groundwork for continued progress on the EU’s digital health agenda, while sticky debates on IP and access to medicines underscored an increasingly fragmented and politicised EU health policy landscape, which looks set to continue under the next mandate. 

Prepare your calendars for the opportunities and challenges this 5-year mandate could throw your way, as we outline the top 5 issues likely to dominate the EU’s healthcare agenda-

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