Are you ready for the pivotal 2024 EU elections?

FTI Consulting will be providing expert insight, coverage, and electoral updates during this exciting period. Follow along with us as we discuss how the electorate can impact your field and shift policies.

European Union (EU) citizens will head to the polls 7 to 9 June 2024 and elect 716 Members of the European Parliament. The results will not only define how political groups form majorities in the European Parliament but also the appointment of a new European Commission and its President. To an extent, they also inform the choice of the President of the European Council. In essence, these European elections will set the tone for the political priorities of the next EU political cycle (2024-2029). Will we see a further decline of the traditional centre-right and centre-left and see the rise of a more united right-leaning coalition? Will the Parliament’s ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ system prevail? Will current Commission President von der Leyen be entrusted with a second term as President?

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