Get Ready for EU

Towards a more resilient Europe: 2021 saw the EU consolidate its leadership position around a number of important initiatives that will increasingly impact how its 27 Member States work together as a commercial and regulatory union and as an important global trading partner. 2022 promises to bring more of the same as the EU continues to manage the triple challenge of managing the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, building back better with the economic recovery and in its delivery of the world’s most ambitious climate change targets following COP26 in Glasgow.  

More granularly the new year will see the EU progress implementation of its pharmaceutical strategy creating a future proof regulatory framework to support both patients and industry; persevere with its green and digital transitions that will transform the way we will do business; and an economic strategy that builds a more open strategic economy around diverse issues such as trade, supply chains and competitive sustainability.

Politically it’s all change at the top with Olaf Scholtz taking over the German Chancellorship and France hosting Presidential elections in April. Tensions on the rule of law and a union of social values will continue to frame the relationship with Poland and Hungary internally, while externally trade negotiations with the United Kingdom and Russia will continue to provide further friction.
Whatever the outcomes the EU continues to evolve as an increasingly influential and important strategic partner whose objectives have an impact far beyond its borders.

Are you prepared? Is your business ready?

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