E-Scooters: European Regulators Try to Address Insurance Uncertainty

Electric scooters have quickly become an urban mobility phenomenon on Europe’s streets. As a recent convert (as long as the weather in Belgium allows), I can see the real benefits: getting started easily by unlocking a scooter with a smartphone, they are not expensive, and they are available in more than 100 cities.

Their popularity means the sector is growing rapidly and is estimated to reach a value of US $ 50 billion by 2025.

But success also draws attention from many quarters: from regulators, the media and of course investors who have been enthusiastically jumping on the opportunity.

One of those areas under the spotlight of regulators in the EU is insurance where the issue has landed firmly within the sights of EU politicians and decision-makers.

Read more from our colleague Borja de Pedro who is a Senior Consultant in Brussels and works in the financial services practice.

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