Europe’s New Leaders?

Europe is a step closer to finalising the cast of leaders that will steer the European Union’s institutions through the next five-year period. Several of the names agreed this week by the European Council (consisting of EU government leaders) came as a surprise to many but is illustrative of the complexity of finding consensus within an EU of 28 countries. Ultimately, the deal will leave no one completely satisfied, yet in Brussels, that is often the sign of a good compromise.

This is not yet a done deal. Many of the appointments still need to be approved by the European Parliament – expected in a crunch vote on 16 July. Will MEPs stick to their beloved Spitzenkandidaten process? Or, as EU leaders inevitably put pressure on their MEPs to endorse the package, will they buckle under pressure and give a reluctant green light?

Read more from the team here in Brussels, giving you insight to what is on the EU agenda.

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