ONLINE LIABILITY across the world

The appetite to develop new regulatory approaches to tackle online threats is growing around the world.

In view of the borderless nature of the Internet and the emergence of new forms of risks and challenges in the online ecosystem, FTI Consulting experts from offices in Brussels, Washington D.C., Berlin, Paris, London and Tokyo have worked together to shed some light on the state of play of the current discussions surrounding this important topic and on the main features of the existing laws.

In our overview we broke down, summarised and compared the most important provisions of the present legal frameworks, as well as key aspects of the political and policy debate surrounding such provisions. This helps understanding where and how these new legislative initiatives could lead to regulatory convergence or divergence, and provides the reader with an overview of the existing regulatory solutions implemented by policymakers to address online threats.

By Emanuele Pirozzi (Brussels TMT Team)

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